Friday, July 1, 2016

Income Inequality

Income inequality - is it necessarily bad?  Is income equality possible?  If so, how?
Even though the order of the questions should logically be:

a. Is it Possible?
b. Is it Bad?
c. What are the Consequences?

Since debates on the subject usually start with (b), that is where I will start.
B. Let's assume the answer to (b) to be true (Income inequality is necessarily bad).
That implies that income should be equal.
     Alternatively, in the weaker form, there should be a limit to the inequality (who sets it then?).
A. How would all income being equal be possible?  Assuming that the income we are referring to is payment for some good or service rendered at some point in its generation,   any pricing condition ("market") would need to be static.  All choices among good would have to be equal.  Unless there were unlimited resources available for any good (so prices don't rise as resources are depleted), then some random distribution would need to be implemented.  If that were so, the utility of all things would have to be equal.
C. How could that come about?
It could come about in a world where all desires would be equal, in a static world.  But what is a distinguishing feature of  successful life?  Dynamism, the ability to change!


Saturday, June 25, 2016

Correct polling

Political correctness ends at the privacy of the polling booth - that is why polls are wrong so often.
Since man is a social animal, he hates unnecessary confrontation.  What used to be manners has now evolved into "political correctness".  What is "political correctness"?  It is the set of rules, or even better, what is known in mathematics as the group, that has as its axioms non falsifiable theories from sociology (regrettably called a science).  How manners, that societal norm to further harmonious interactions, has transformed into political correctness shows the power of the press.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Brexit vote is a prelude to Trump?

The British people have spoken and have voted out of the EU. The questions that the British people were debating are very very similar to the questions that the American electorate will be deciding, that it is, are we fed up with the supercilious sneer of moribund politocracy?

Polls on Wednesday and Thursday indicated that the remain vote would win- why were they wrong? For the same reason that Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi's polls were incorrect, and many French polls were incorrect in predicting too. Voters are very aware of what is a politically correct and answer accordingly. In the privacy of the voting booth, however, they vote as they believe

The political question is whether we are in the midst of a short-term or a long-term political phenomenon. If the basis of society is a self organising system, a self adapting system,  then we need to see whether this is a short-term perturbation in a long-term wave, or whether this is actually the long-term wave.  Vox populi vox Dei.